About Court’s Woodworx and Pink Pines

The everlasting goal here at Pink Pines is simply this: uniqueness. Our customers can find joy in buying one of a kind items here. One of the most unique features about us is our own handmade brand, Court’s Woodworx. In 2016, I, Courtney, started my journey of making, crafting, and creating. Unknowing of the wonderful avenue it would open for me, I just knew I enjoyed using my skills and creative mind for something that turned into a side hustle. Several years down the road, 120+ corn hole sets delivered, countless signs & décor complete, many pop up shows done, and… a college graduation later, my thrill and passion hasn’t stopped. I've come to find out, that it probably never will. In fact, it spiraled into fashion, even more home décor, and the need to reach my wonderful customers. I wanted to invest my time into doing all of these things combined, and what better way to do it, than to open my own online boutique? At Pink Pines selling my own decor brand, wholesale gifts and woman's fashion was the perfect fit for me! In fact, I had to bring it up another notch by putting my own creative touch not just on the deocr, but also some of the clothing. That is why 90% of Pink Pines' tee shirts are all hand-made by me, Court!

Nothing gives me as much joy and fulfilment as making or creating does. God gives everyone a plan, purpose and skills, our only job is to use it! My store and handmade brand creates one of a kind happiness, and I want to spread that joy with my customers.

-Court ♥